Good Girls Don’t… (Feb. 28)

Good Girls Don't

The Porch is proud to welcome back Joanna Brooks with all new material for The Porch! She, along with other talented women, will share stories about breaking the Rules of Girl. Some women from the audience will also be welcome to tell 5-minute audience stories. Join us for a fantastic night of storytelling!

Half of The Porch’s cut of the ticket sales will be donated to the Feminist Mormon Housewives Tracy McKay Scholarship, which you can read about here.

The Porch is a local storytelling show in Provo, Utah. We also have a podcast featuring past stories.


UPDATE: Purchase audio from this show! All proceeds generated (from either mp3 of this show) before Sept. 1, 2013 will be donated to the Tracy McKay Scholarship!

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To see what other shows are available for purchase, click here.

Note to audio listeners: Joanna’s story featured slides which sequenced through images of the following characters: MINERVA TEICHERT (legendary mormon artist); MY MOM; C. JANE (legendary Mormon blogger), Utah suffragettes (1895) with SUSAN B. ANTHONY; EMMA SMITH; ZINA D. H. SMITH YOUNG (activist, church leader, obstetrician, married to Henry Jacobs, Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young); MAY ANDERSON and LOUIE FELT (LDS Primary leaders and founders of Primary Children’s Hospital); ELIZA R. SNOW; ANN GORDGE (plural wife of John D. Lee); and EVE.

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